Putrajaya Tour

Promotion Period : 1st June 2018 - 1st June 2019

Travel Period : 4 hours
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  • Putrajaya - World's first Intelligent Garden City

    Putrajaya also known as the World's first Intelligent Garden City, is a trendy and sophisticated location for the country’s central Government. Here, we see a convergence of the past, present and future of heritage, design and technology. The city's masterplan is designed along an axial tangent which runs from the northeast to southeast, with gently undulating terrain. Lush greenery and botanical gardens are spread across the landscape, crisscrossed by large bodies of water and wetlands. Five confluences meet at the north forming a main waterway, the Putrajaya Lake, which flows across the city area. Futuristic, yet charmingly rustic structures and architecture share space in an orderly fashion on 4,581 hectares of land. This combination evokes a ‘resort feel’, lending to a refreshing environment. A truly peaceful yet remarkable tour not to be missed.



    Departure from your hotel within Kuala Lumpur


    Start your Tour from:
    • Putra Mosque (Photo Stop)
    • Prime Minister & Minister Offices (Photo Stop)
    • Prime Minister Residence (Drive Pass)
    • Putra Square (Photo Stop)
    • Palace of Justice (Photo Stop)
    • Millinneum Monument (Photo Stop)
    • Chocolate Gallery


    Arrival at Kuala Lumpur, Home Sweet Home.
      - END TOUR -

    Rate:  RM169 RM 140 per person