Genting highlands is an entertainment city present high above the sea level on a hilltop. It is a well known holiday destination with a cool weather that attracts the visitors. Tourists enjoy its surrounding beauty of rain forest and entertainment facilities from indoor gaming to outdoor theme parks. Visitors enjoy at Awana Golf Course, Awana Horse Ranch, Awana Eco Park and Goh Tong Jaya Township that are wonderful places there. This part of Malaysia attracts the tourists from all across the globe.

Another attraction in Genting is the Skyway Cable car system that is also known as the “World’s Fastest Mono Cable Car System” that allow the visitors to enjoy the midway attractions of Awana and Goh Tong Jaya township to the peak of Genting Highlands.

There are outstanding hotels at Genting hill tops, where tourists enjoy delicious foods famous in Indian, Malay and Chinese cultures. You can take a Bus from Singapore to Genting to enjoy its famous attractions. Buses are the preferred travel options in Malaysia and Singapore because of the advanced bus transportation system that provide high level of comfort and outstanding travel experience.

There are many attractions in Genting that you can enjoy after reaching there by bus from Singapore to Genting to enjoy holidays.

Attractions in Genting:

Casino de Genting:

It is a place for gaming like blackjack and roulette and some others.

Genting theme park:

This is an outdoor theme park with a lot of rides for both children and adults.

First World Plaza shopping center:

Travelers enjoy shopping and recreational activities in a small theme park present there after reaching by bus from Singapore to Genting and bring beautiful memories back. The recreational activities may include rock climbing on an artificial wall, playing with snow in snow world and a lot more.

Vision City Games Park:

It is an indoor family attraction that has little rides, games, racing simulators and a lot more fun activities.

Nightlife entertainment:

Travelers can enjoy nightlife entertainment from sports bars, dance clubs, the Patio with live jazz music and many more.

Genting Highlands has a lot of attractions, entertainments, and activities for everyone. This is the best place to spend holidays. If you want to spend holidays at some memorable destination, book your ticket by bus from Singapore to Genting and make your holidays remarkable. Booking procedures are also very easy through online ticket booking system. Just visit the website and book your tickets today.