Singapore is a great family holiday destination in Asia with a lot of tourist attractions to relax and enjoy. Some famous attractions are Marina Bay, Sentosa, and Singapore zoo. Singapore attracts the people from all across the globe. It is a low cost destination with a lot of beautiful attractions that is one of the reasons for its preference. The exciting theme parks and spectacular zoo, sunny beaches and beautiful botanical gardens allow you to enjoy with your family and kids.

Travel by bus from KL to Singapore as it is the most preferred choice of the visitors due to improved infrastructure and new buses. Bus travel is luxurious and comfortable that has made it the most preferred choice among others.

During Arts festivals, Singapore offers special activities for kids. Singapore is also famous for shopping. If you love shopping, you should visit Singapore during the great sale period that usually starts during the month of June. At this time, maximum number of departmental stores and shops offer great discounts.

Night Safari is a famous family attraction in Singapore. You can also have a great time at zoological gardens and Jurong Bird Park. Botanical gardens and National Orchid gardens are also the famous places in Singapore. At Sentosa, visitors enjoy the underwater world and a spectacular aquarium where all kinds of fishes, sharks and giant squids are found. A popular destination in Singapore is the Volcano land where you can enjoy Fantasy land that has a huge pool with slides, rides and waterfalls.

Singapore is a country of mix cultures having the influences of the Chinese, Indian, and Malay culture. Its tropical climate, mouth watering tasty foods, good shopping options and a vibrant nightlife make this country a great holiday destination.

There are plenty of great restaurants in Singapore with mouthwatering dishes. You will find some shopping destinations and hubs of beautiful culture here.

The best way to visit Singapore is bus travel. You can take a bus from KL to Singapore to enjoy the attractions of Singapore. Bus transport is the famous and most preferred choice of the visitors. If you want to spend some holidays in Singapore, take a bus from KL to Singapore and book bus ticket online. Bus travel has become one of the safest and comfortable ways of travelling. Moreover, the bus conditions have also improved. New buses are available with advanced facilities that have made bus travel the most preferred choice of travelers.