Singapore is located in South East Asia underneath Malaysia to the west of Indonesia.  It is a small island with more than 5 million inhabitants. It has a mixed culture of Chinese, Indian, Caucasians and Malay. The majority of the population is Chinese descendants that came to Singapore in the early 1800s. Singapore has cultural diversity with clean and safe environment.

Bus travel is the most preferred way to travel from Genting to Singapore as it is the most convenient and safe mode of transportation. Booking systems are online that has made the travel easier than before. You can easily book a ticket by bus from Genting to Singapore to have a pleasant journey.

Being a tourist, Singapore has a lot to explore. It is the best place to explore different cultures, enjoy the fantastic shopping experience with some amazing attractive places.

Little India:

Little India has some famous restaurants and shops that give an experience of being in India. The dishes available in these restaurants are famous having delicious tastes.

Clarke quay:  

It is a very bustling part of town with many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. 1NiteStand comedy bar has excellent stand-up comedy.

Enjoy beautiful nature walks:

There are many places for nature to walk and enjoy the natural beauty, new trees and plants. Many tourists especially visit by bus from Genting to Singapore to enjoy these nature walks. Names of the few are:

  • Singapore botanical gardens:

It is a big park with beautiful gardens.

  • Bukit Timah nature reserve:

This is a more challenging walk in the jungle

  • McRitchie nature reserve:

For peace and lovely walks, this is the best place. You can also do the tree top walk, which is famous here.

Activities for kids:

Singapore has a lot of activities for kids. If you visit from Genting to Singapore by bus with kids, you can visit Sentosa Island, Singapore zoo and night safari.

  • Sentosa Island:

This land has a beautiful butterfly garden, underwater world, Singapore museum, beach, dinosaur walk and a lot more. This place is perfect for kids as they can enjoy a lot here.

Zoo and night safari:

Both of these places are fantastic and perfect for kids. Singapore zoo has a wide variety of animals that attracts the travelers from all over the world.


Singapore is famous for shopping. There are many big shopping malls that have all types of branded and imported products. High quality sports products are available along with lots of variety in computers and electronics.

If you make a plan to visit Singapore, book a ticket by bus from Genting to Singapore and enjoy a pleasant journey.