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Tanjung Sepat has no beautiful scene, but the air here is fresh and there are enthusiastic villagers. Tanjung Sepat not only had many good food, you can enjoy the country life by watching the scenery and let you relax during that moment!
丹绒士拔虽然没有美丽的海滩, 也没有美迷人的高楼夜景, 但这里的空气清新, 有着热情的村民。来这里, 不但能吃美食, 看风景还能享受乡村生活让你暂时放下身上的烦恼!

1. Restoran Ah Hock 亚福海鲜肉骨茶
Their Bak Kut Teh is very famous, even the big stars have come to visit. Have you tasted the savory flavor of Bak Kut Teh with the delicious taste of seafood? Everyone thinks that adding seafood soup to the Bak Kut Teh will become weird. It’s totally wrong! Their taste will make you eat non stop.
这家肉骨茶的来头可不小,就连大明星也曾慕名来光顾。肉骨茶的药材香加上海鲜的鲜甜撞击出来的美味,你尝过吗?大家都以为肉骨茶加入海鲜汤头就会变得怪怪的, 完全大错特错哦!甜而不油腻的汤头会让你忍不住一口接一口哦。


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2. Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐馆
Tanjung Sepat is nearby the sea, seafood must be eaten here! Their seafood is very only fresh and they only charge you at a reasonable price; it’s also the 1st choice seafood restaurant to many tourists.
因为Tanjung Sepat靠海,来到这里海鲜就一定是必吃的!他家的海鲜不仅新鲜价格也很合理,是许多游客首选的用餐地点。


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3. Hai Yew Heng Bao Shop 海友兴包店
The Hai Yew Heng Bao Shop located in the main street of Tanjung Sepat village, it is very famous in the local area. Their hand-made Hainan bao is very popular, usually it will sold off once put on shelf.
座落在Tanjung Sepat新村主要街道的海友兴包店在当地可是非常著名的哦,手工制作的海南包点每天一出笼很快就会被抢空,非常热卖。


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4. Mei Mei Kedondong Drinks 梅梅沙莉水
Mei Mei Kedondong Drinks is located next to Hai Yew Heng Bao Shop. The pear juice added with sour plum tastes sour and sweet, and it is refreshing to drink a cup in hot weather! After buying the bao, remember to come here for a drink before leaving.



5. 丐帮名菜叫化餐厅
This restaurant only accept customers who made appointment earlier. All the dishes in this restaurant are very going through a lot preparation. The most famous chicken is used for 4 hours of cooking time. The aroma of the medicine is fully infiltrated into the chicken, and each mouth is fresh and juicy.


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