Malacca has been a famous city of Malaysia since colonial times. It gives you a chance to experience a journey back to the history of different eras of Portuguese, Dutch and British colonies that have left remarkable cultural sights. You can explore natural fascinating landscapes along with historical discoveries as well as modern adventures. Grand shopping centers, water theme parks, cultural and species parks will also thrill you while visiting the ethnically rich place. To reach the marvelous city of Malacca comfortably, you need to take a direct bus from Singapore to Malacca that will take 3 to 4 hours depending upon traffic and rest breaks. While going to Malacca, you can also pay a short visit to Kula Lumpur by choosing bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur that will let you take another connecting bus to Malacca. You can also use other means like a train or taxi to get to the destination, but it may be time taking and more expensive than bus service. Try to get placate journey to stay enthusiastic for exploring mesmerizing attractions of Malacca.

A’Famosa Resort
The Portuguese settlement built the fort in 1511 that spread across the hillside, but later on it was diminished by the Dutch invaders. Now you can see a small part of the fort called Porta de Santiago. The fort accommodated complete settlement of Portuguese including hospitals, churches, town houses and 5 towers that are used to keep stocks and ammunition. In 1586 the fort was extended for the growing population of Malacca.

The Stadthuys and Dutch Square
The old Dutch Stadthuys is located in fabulous Dutch square, which is known as most picturesque place in the Malacca. The red, bright terracotta Dutch style buildings are the signature of Dutch colonial times. The Stadthuys is most prominent building which was used as the official residence of Dutch governors and as a town hall in the British era. All the building is now converted into museums for tourists. The museums include all the Islamic , cultural and historical artifacts of great times.

Jonker street
The Jonker street is famous for its night market on Friday and Saturday night. The street was first famous for the handicrafts and antique pieces shops, but gradually it transformed into more thrilling place for visitors by adding scrumptious restaurants, trendy clothing and unique crafts shopping centers. You can find all the tasty and attractive things in cheap prices from the market.

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park
A hot summer visit by bus from Singapore to Malacca can be cool down at the Melaka wonderland theme park with splashing rides. Situated in Ayer Kero, theme park offers multiple thrilling water rides and other fascination to get an amazing trip for kids as well as adults.

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum
In the 16th century, several merchants were attracted to the Malacca city due to growing success and wealth. Many Chinese entrepreneurs also flooded into the city for better business chances and freedom from Manchu rule. The descendants flaunted their influence by transforming Dutch town houses in magnificent places with hand paint tiles, Victorian lamps and Dutch style interiors. You can visit these awe-inspiring museums to make the trip more interesting.