5D4N Vietnam Da Nang World Heritage Travel Package

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    Vietnam Da Nang World Heritage Travel Package

    Departure date 出发日期: 03 Nov 2019
    Return date 回程日期: 07 Nov 2019
  • Price:
    - S$980.00 per pax - Twin / Triple Sharing
    - S$1280.00 per pax - SIngle Traveler

  • Package Includes 配套包括:
  • - 04 nights 4 Star Hotel | 04 晚宿4星酒店
    - 2 was flight ticket by Jetstar + 20 KG check in luggage + airport taxes |
    捷星航空来回机票 + 20 公斤行李 + 机场税

    Flight detail:
    -3K541 1830hrs/2010hrs
    -3K542 2050hrs/1235hrs (+1)

  • Itinerary delight:
  • -07 meals + 04 breakfas -Hue delight meal, King Empire meals, Hoian local delight foods & Bana Hill Buffet lunch |
    - Air-conditioned bus, Chinese Speaking Guide, Entrance Fee, Mineral water |
    - Tour Guide & Driver Tipping USD$3 per person per day | 司机导游小费 (每人每天美金USD3)
    - Personal Travel Insurance | 个人旅游保险
    - Singapore Tour Leader | 新加坡领队

  • Special Offer 团队赠送:
  • - Free meal: French style high tea | 赠送饮食: 下午茶和法式面包
    - Free attraction: Hue Trishaw, Danang Dragon Bridge & Love Bridge | 赠送景点: 顺华人力三轮车, 岘港龙桥,爱情桥

  • Package EXCLUDE 配套不包括的:
  • - Portage fee, drinks, personal expenses, phone call, laundry, items exclude in the itinerary
    - 酒店 : 行李员小费,饮料,个人费用,电话费, 洗衣费, 行程外之费用等 *T&C Apply

Travel Period : Nov 十一月 - 03 – 07, 2019

Flight Details:

  • Departure SIN > BKK
  • August 9th, 2019
  • Singapore Airlines - SQ970
  • Depart 7.10am from Singapore - Changi (SIN)
  • Arrive 8.35am at Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
  • === ===
  • Back from BKK > SIN
  • August 12th, 2019
  • Singapore Airlines - SQ977
  • Departure 3.30pm from Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
  • Arrival 6.55pm at Singapore - Changi (SIN)

  • Break / Stop Station 休息站:
    - Jewel shop, charcoal shop (not compulsory) | 珠宝店, 竹炭店(不勉强购买)


  • For more information, please contact us @ 62948909/63486909 or email [email protected]

    Vietnam Da Nang World Heritage Travel Package

      Itinerary Includes:
    • Day 1: Singapore - Da Nang (meal on board)

    • Assemble at the International Airport flights and take Jetstar 3K541 to Vietnam's biggest city – Danang
    • Day 2: Da Nang - Bana Hill - Hoi An (B, L, D)

    • After breakfast, visit Bana hill France Vilaage,Golden bridge a, After lunch visit the World Heritage Hoi An Ancient Town, this is the old streets from 17th century, the Antiquities, Old Bridge Hall. We will visit the local Hokkien Huay Kuan, the Fengxing Furuya, Japanese bridge, autumn basin river, and one dedicated to the suppression of monsters to protect the peace. - North Emperor Zhen Wu. After dinner we will have a free and easy trip at the Hoi An night market, and then back to the hotel
    • Day 3: Hoi An - Hue (B, L, D)

    • After breakfast, we will visit one of the world's historical heritage, "Miyama Holy Land", which is a built 1,000 years ago. Ancient Cham is the most important religious sites, Miyama Shrine is located in the valley about 2 km in diameter, which has 20 uncomplete, but maintain the original stone brick pagoda. We continue to the capital of central Vietnam Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) - the ancient capital of Hue, upon arrival transfer to the restaurant for dinner
    • Day 4: Hue - Danag (B, L, D)

    • After breakfast, drive to Patong markets, here is the best place to purchase souvenirs. Then will start a series of wonderful ancient trip, first to visit the Spirit Basking Temple, this temple was built in the hills of Hong river, temple was build by the third emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty emperor. Then go to Wang Xiangjiang River ferry terminal, take the Antique Dragon boar ride tour along the Hue Market. Will continue after the imperial tombs. Subsequent visit to another world cultural heritage, the Nguyen Dynasty 13 Imperial City, the Imperial City with architectural drawings of the Palace Museum in Beijing, the Forbidden City, the Forbidden City, including the emperor living temple, Kun Thai Palace, Queen, Crown Prince bright temple. After at the square in front of the Imperial Palace, take the unique flavor tourism manpower tricycle parade around the streets of the ancient Imperial City, then return to Da Nang
    • Day 5: Da Nang - Airport (B, L)

    • After breakfast - Da Nang, upon arrival at the Cham Museum, and understanding of Vietnam's Champa period relics, will continue to the Gold Coast of Vietnam's. Enjoy the beautiful romantic scenery, follow by the Camellia peninsula, 67m high ornamental look at the Sea Goddess of Mercy. Then browse the world's unique Five Elements Mountain, these five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, earth elements Ranking. Come down from the Five Elements Mountain can enjoy the marble stone Humanities endemic works created by local artists, this place is called the of Stone Carving Art Village *T&C Apply
    • 第1天: 新加坡-岘港 (机上餐)

    • 乘搭捷星航空3K541前往岘港。抵达岘港 - 有专业导游迎接前往酒店。入宿岘港酒店
    • 第2天: 岘港-巴纳山/会安 (早午晚餐)

    • 早餐后,前往巴拿山-法国村,黄金桥和游乐地区。午餐后列入世界文化遗产的会安古城,在这里将会欣赏到十七世纪的古老街道,古物,古桥,会馆等。之后将会浏览当地的福建会馆,冯兴古屋,日本桥,秋盆河及一座供奉着能镇压水怪保护平安的神灵-北帝缜武.晚餐后可以在会安夜市自由逛逛,然后返回酒店休息
    • 第三天: 会安-美山圣地-顺化 (早午晚餐

    • 早餐后驱车前往世界历史遗产之一的“美山圣地”,这是一个建于1000年前古占族最重要的宗教圣地,美山圣地地处直径约2公里的山谷内,里面现有20座不完整但保持原始模样用砖石砌成的塔寺。完毕后,将会有专车前往越南中部阮皇朝(1802-1945)的首都 - 顺化古都,抵达后前往餐厅享用晚餐
    • 第四天: 顺化-紫禁城-岘港 (早午晚餐)

    • 早餐后,乘车前往巴东市场,这里是采购伴手礼的最佳去处。接着将展开一系列精彩的古都巡礼,首先前往参观灵姥寺,此寺建于香江畔的山丘上,此寺是由阮朝第三位皇帝启定皇帝所建造的。随后前往王香江畔渡船码头,乘搭仿古龙舟画舫游览香江河畔及江边两岸之风景和顺化市集。之后将继续前往参观启定皇陵,此为启定皇帝耗费11年岁月建造的身后居所。随后再前往参观另一个世界文化遗产,阮朝13代皇城,此皇城采用北京故宫的建筑图纸,内有紫禁城,紫禁城内又包括了皇帝居住的乾成殿,皇后的坤泰宫,皇太子的光明殿等等。之后于皇宫前的广场,乘搭风味独特观光人力三轮车巡游古皇城周边的市街,结束后返回岘港
    • 第五天: 岘港 -山茶半岛-五行山-占婆博物馆 (早午餐)

    • 早餐后参,由专业导游迎接前往占婆博物馆,了解越南占婆时期文物遗迹,之后将继续前往素有越南黄金海岸美称的山水海滩。欣赏美丽迷人的浪漫景色后将前去参观山茶半岛,观赏高67米望海观音。 然后浏览全球独有的五行山,五行山是金,木,水,火,土五行排行所形成的。从五行山下来后还能欣赏到由当地艺术家所创作的大理石石雕人文风土作品,而这个地方就叫做石雕艺术村。于指定时间送往机场,返回美丽家园 “新加坡” *须遵守条例
    Twin/Triple sharing 两人或三人 一房 Single traveler
    S$ 980.00 S$ 1280

    **Tour itinerary will be change subject to traffic and weather conditions


    T&C 条例:
    *Min 16 persons to depart | 最少16位出发
    *If customer want to cancel order, please inform PIC before departure | 团友在出发前取消行程请书面通知负责人
    *Cancellation by 60 days before departure, S$400 deposit will be forfeit | 出发前60天前退出者,取消定金S$400 每人
    *Cancellation by 30-59 days before departure, 80% of total payment will be forfeit | 出发前30-59天退出者,取消旅费80%
    *Cancellation by 29 days before departure, 100% of total payment will be forfeit | 出发前29天之内退出者,取消旅费100%


    Departure date 出发日期: 03 Nov 2019
    Return date 回程日期: 07 Nov 2019