Vietnamese signature souvenirs

Don’t buy a key ring every time you travel 😆
Look over here, let us share the list of Vietnamese signature souvenir 🧐
Your friends will love it!! ☕

不要每次旅行都买钥匙圈 😆
看过来!! 教你买越南特色手信 🧐
不用被朋友说你没诚意!! ☕


1.越南滴咖啡壶 Vietnamese drip coffee pot
Most of the coffee pots in Vietnam are made of aluminum, and the price is not high. There is also a Vietnamese coffee powder sold together, and you can still enjoy the Vietnamese coffee flavor after returning home.


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2.椰子酥 Crispy Coconut Cookies
A small milky coconut crispy cookies, full of coconut and milky notes, sweet but not greasy, make people cant stop on eating this cookie.

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3.越南排糖 Crispy Coconut Almond
The outer layer is shredded coconut, as well as peanut and cream inside. The outside is crisp and soft, sweet and not greasy, which makes people loves it so much.


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4.越南鱼露 Vietnam Chin-Su Fish Source
Fish sauce is the soul of Vietnamese cuisine, there are many dishes are added fish sauce too.

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