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Singapore Travel Guide: Attractive Places In Singapore

Singapore is located in South East Asia underneath Malaysia to the west of Indonesia.  It is a small island with more than 5 million inhabitants. It has a mixed culture of Chinese, Indian, Caucasians and Malay. The majority of the population is Chinese descendants that came to Singapore in the early 1800s. Singapore has cultural […]

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Singapore A Perfect Destination For Every Traveler

Have you ever wondered why Singapore is visited by millions of people every year? One of the main reasons for traveling to Singapore is the list of amazing tourist attractions that travelers love to see in Singapore. Singapore is considered an island country as it consists of 63 islands. It is a beautiful country with […]

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The Reasons Why You Should Visit Melaka Malaysia

Melaka is a small but attractive place in Malaysia, having a rich history, which you can see after seeing its structures around. Melaka, the city of Malaysia, which is the tourist spot with a lot of things to enjoy, gives a lot of reasons to visit. After you arrive by bus from Singapore to Melaka, […]

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