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Tanjung Sepat yummy delicacies

Tanjung Sepat yummy delicacies 丹绒士拔的美食之旅   Tanjung Sepat has no beautiful scene, but the air here is fresh and there are enthusiastic villagers. Tanjung Sepat not only had many good food, you can enjoy the country life by watching the scenery and let you relax during that moment! 丹绒士拔虽然没有美丽的海滩, 也没有美迷人的高楼夜景, 但这里的空气清新, 有着热情的村民。来这里, 不但能吃美食, 看风景还能享受乡村生活让你暂时放下身上的烦恼! 1. […]

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Travel to Post Dickson but not going seaside !!

Travel to Post Dickson but not going seaside 🤭🤭 去到波德申不去海边玩 🤭🤭   When comes to Port Dickson, people usually think about activities at the seaside, sunbathing, and sea activities. However, there are actually many interesting attractions here. Come and check out what else are here! 当大家提到波德申时通常都只想到海边的活动,日光浴,海上活动而已对吧?可是这里其实还有很多好玩的景点哦,快来看看还有什么吧! 1. Wild West Cowboy Indoor Theme Park 牛仔主题室内乐园 What, […]

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What to eat in KL? Alor street

What to eat in KL?? 吉隆坡有什么美食呢??   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Stephanie_BoSoft 👑📸 (@stephanie_bosoft) on Aug 4, 2019 at 8:49am PDT Alor street is a delicacies heaven that located at KL, Bukit Bintang. It’s not just famous among the local, it’s also well known to foreigners too! 阿罗街是位于吉隆坡, Bukit […]

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